All of Frances Farmer's films, and a great many of her television appearances, are available on video and DVD, despite what you may have read. I have spent over 20 years researching the life of Frances Farmer and have amassed what is generally thought to be the largest Farmer archive in existence, used extensively in the A&E Biography episode about Frances. I was also one of the principal interview subjects on that episode. My web article Shedding Light on Shadowland (linked below) has received worldwide attention and been the subject of several news and feature articles. Leonard Maltin recently completely revised his IMDb biography of Frances after having read this article, and it has also provided source material for several books and documentaries.

I have videos and DVDs available of all of Frances' films (that have not had a commercial video release) in very good to excellent condition available for purchase. I also have many of her rare television appearances, including the only known film of her Indianapolis series Frances Farmer Presents. All tapes and DVDs are sold on a collector to collector basis; no rights are given or implied.

Buyer beware of online auction sites. Many, if not most, of the sellers offering Farmer videos and DVDs on online auction sites initially got their material from me. If you bid on these items, you will be paying premium prices for copies of copies (and sometimes copies of copies of copies). Unlike most of these online auction sellers, I provide a detailed description of the shape each video is in, noting any flaws. I know how hard it is to find quality prints of Farmer material, and I strive to have the best prints available. In several cases, I own the only known master and I have never, and never will, offer these items on online auction sites.  My goal has never been to "make money" by offering these rare items, but rather to let people see the real Frances Farmer and know her true story.  I do ask for what I consider to be a reasonable fee, based both on the rarity of the item and the quality of the source material, which allows me in turn to further expand the Farmer archive and continue to educate people about the years of misrepresentations and outright fictions that have been spuriously disseminated about her since her death in 1970.

Email inquiries about the videos and DVDs I offer are welcome.  If you accessed this page from within my site, click on the Contact button at left, or if you accessed this page directly from a URL, you can access the Contact button by clicking here.

To read Shedding Light on Shadowland, click here.